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It was Fun - Now It's Over

The Florence pub is a major South London landmark and home to the Florence Brewery, Between January 2011 and October 2015 I produced both the Florence and A Head In Hat range of beers there. In September 2015 I decided to retire ahead of the refurbishment of the Florence which would have disrupted production ahead of Christmas.

Running a one-man-band was perfectly possible when there only 13 breweries in London (as there were in 2011). When there are 80 plus and counting you can’t devote enough time to making beer and selling it without the quality of one or other effort suffering.

The London beer market has changed radically in the past 3 years and was I bored rigid of being told that rather than making historic recipes from old London breweries – which was all I ever really wanted to do – cloudy, over hopped American IPAs were what I really should be making. I enjoyed every minute at the Florence, but I also don’t regret leaving it either. The time was right to go.

If anyone remotely cares, I’m still involved with the industry and have interests in several ventures including the Them That Can mobile canning firm and Hiver Beers and I continue to organise the London Hop Shoot Festival, an annual celebration of London’s age-old connections with Kent’s hop gardens. I can still be found having a pint in the Florence from time to time too.


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